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About Us

How We Work

Our company works closely with our customers so that they can use the Internet as a tool with a positive repercussion on their business and internal processes.

We do not understand technology as an end; we know that companies must get an economic return of the resources they deploy. Thus we do not approach a customer with a solution in hand, but we listen, think about her needs and present a tailored solution, always taking into account the present and future suitability of the solution and the resource investment involved.

Our work consists on studying each case, proposing a solution and accompanying our customer from beginning to end.


Tarsis.net has been developing internet projects for other companies for 16 years, something not many companies in our industry can say. Our work areas include global development of internet projects, implementation of both own and third-party internet technologies, strategic and technological consultancy and online marketing.

Our scope has been both national and international from the beginning, having worked with companies in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, South Africa and South Korea. With these companies we have both developed one-on-one projects and taken part in multinational teams.


We have worked with customers of all sizes, from small local businesses to large multinational companies and institutions. However, our main focus are small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. Being ourselves a small company, we clearly understand what must be taken into account when developing any project.

We are proud to say that our customers stay with us (some of them still are after nearly fifteen years) and they recommend us to other companies.


Tarsis.net has willingly created and implemented a series of corporate policies to apply our values to our daily work:

Professional ethics. With our customers, with our partners or with the applicable law. We do not take shortcuts. Customers come first. We always defend our customers' interests.

Beneficial and trustworthy relationship. We must provide our customers with something positive and our capabilities to propose solutions depends on deserving their trust.

Service quality. We only tackle projects in which we know we are competent. To win a project and give a mediocre service is not an option. Open technologies. We support transparency, creativity and independence.

Environmental responsibility. Conservation is the only way. Any alternative is not a good option.

History and team

Tarsis.net SL was created in the first semester of 2000, during the “dotcom collapse”, with the clear idea that many services could be rationalised and optimised.

Although the company was created in 2000, our expertise in the creation and development of internet services goes back to 1988, when Microsoft Windows™ did not even exist commercially, internet was confined to academic organisations and high-tech companies, and users had to make do with char-mode tools like MS-DOS, Wordperfect or Lotus 1-2-3.

In many aspects, Tarsis.net is not a usual business. We are a reduced and compact group with clear ideas about how to conduct our work and an extensive experience in service development on networks and specially on the internet.

Legal information

Tarsis.net SL is a Spanish company inscribed in the Madrid Register with VAT number ESB82698275. Tarsis.net SL is a registered intracommunity operator in the European Union.

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