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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Positioning your web pages in search engine results is still capital to attract traffic to your web site. Research of the best keywords, competition analysis and building of your pages according to a ranking strategy calls for a thorough study of your case, well-oriented and best-practices actions and a continous steering of the results.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the digital marketing element with a highest return on investment (ROI) and the one that generates most value during your contact's life cycle. Mailing lists have a huge commercial and relationship value that needs to be nurtured with exquisite care.

Mailing List Creation and Development

Hosting and development of emailing distribution lists, legally registered and compliant with law and good practices. Integration of your list into your web site. Make your list grow to connect with your customers or prospects.

Design and Creation of HTML Messages for Newsletters or Blasts

Regular tailored and curated newsletters, or ocasional email blasts to keep your contacts informed. Clear and accessible design, adapted both to desktop and mobile devices. Our messages are checked before sending against desktop, mobile and webmail clients to ensure maximum representation accuracy in the huge range of email clients available.

Message Sending

Our managed sending system makes your entry into email marketing easy and straightforward. Once you approve the message, we take care of sending it in the best delivery conditions, the day and time of your choice. You can segment your data base according to several criteria, so that a particular message is sent only to the part of your audience for which it is relevant. Every message has a web version, your organisation's contact details, information on data protection and the possibility for the receiver to cancel his/her subscription in one click. The system detects when an email address is not longer valid to keep the quality of your data base.

Performance and Statistics

All our emailings have their corresponding complete, real-time statistics that will let you know how many messages have been sent, how many have been delivered, how many have been opened, who clicked on which link, from where, how many subscriptions and unsubscriptions your list had during a particular period of time, compare the performance of several campaigns and learn how many social shares your message has generated. All these metrics are available in English for the customers of your sending system, accessible through a private web interface.

Only Legal, Good-Practices Lists

Our company has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards spam. We do not host mailing lists which have not been registered in the Data Protection Agency of our customer's country, whose records do not comply to subscription and unsubscription good practices (opt-in, opt-out) or that come from paid data bases. Should you have any question about these good practices, we will be glad to answer.


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