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Company Policy follows strict company policies regarding the relationship with our customers. We are committed to absolute confidentiality over the information confided to us by our customers, both on their companies and on themselves. The ethical code followed by in our daily work is an intrinsic part of the company. complies with the current Spanish legislation about Internet services, as stated in the Spanish Law for the Information Society and E-Commerce Services (as transposed from the EU 2000/31/EC Directive on Electronic Commerce).

Please keep reading to get an idea of our ethical commitments and our working style.

Privacy and Confidentiality is 100% committed to keeping strict confidentiality on the information entrusted to us by our customers. Due to the nature of our work, sensitive data (contact information for our customers, confidential or privileged information, new product research or creation…) often comes our way. Our customers know that they can trust since it is our firm commitment not to use such information for anything different than that expressed by our customer.

As part of our concern in making Internet a safer environment (without virus, fraud or spam), strongly complies to the current Spanish and European law on privacy.

In compliance of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) related to individual protection regarding personal data treatment, we hereby inform you about data treatment and privacy policy by, S.L.

Who is responsible of data treatment?
Identity:, S.L.
VAT #: ESB82698275
Postal address: Vía Dos Castillas 33. Ática 4 B-A, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Phone number: (+34) 911 413 259
Email address: [email protected]
Data Protection Delegate:, S.L.
DPD Contact: [email protected]

To which purpose do we treat your personal information?
In, S.L. we use the information provided by applicant individuals or organizations in order to process the sending of the information they request, or to establish a contractual relationship needed to provide the services requested by the Customer.

If you are fulfilling a form to enter a contract for a service, the purposes to which we will treat the information you enter are:

  • Invoicing
  • Sending of invoices and other payment documents
  • Configuration, setup and maintenance of the services requested by you or your company to
  • Shipping, if needed, of the products or services requested by you or your company to
  • All necessary communications for the provision of the services object of the contract: expiration and renewal notices, technical support, sending and reception of execution instructions, etc.

Which is the legitimisation or legal basis for the treatment of your data?
The legal base for the data treatment is the reply to your information request or the establishment of a contractual relationship.

How did we obtain your data?
Personal information treated by, S.L. come from the fulfillment by the affected individual of the contact or contract forms available in the webs owned by, S.L.

To whom will your information be transmitted?
Your personal information will only be used by and will not be sent to third parties for any use different to the purposes agreed by you.

This does not include the transmission of the information or part thereof to partnering companies whose subcontracting be indispensable for the correct provision of the services requested by you or your company to

Where will your information go?
Depending of the services requested, all personal data transfers made by have as destination companies located in:

  • Spanish territory,
  • European Union territory of a country enforced by the GDPR and therefore with a protection level equivalent to the Spanish one,
  • third countries recognised by adequation decision by the European Comission regarding personal data protection and therefore with a level of protection equivalent to the European one, and thus recognised by the GDPR,
  • the United States of America, always to companies adhering to the Privacy Shield agreement between USA and the European Union, recognised by adequation decision by the European Comission regarding personal data protection and therefore with a level of protection equivalent to the European one, and thus recognised by the GDPR.

For how long do we keep your data?
Personal information is kept while the contractual or commercial relationship is maintained and during the next 10 years after it has ended and, in any case, in compliance of the legal prescription terms of application, except if the owner of the information has exercised his or her suppresion rights.

Which are your rights when you provide us with your data?
You will be able to exercise your rights of information, access to and rectification or erasure of personal data, the right to data portability and the right to object, by informing on writting to You can use the e-mail address provided in the contact information.

To protect your rights and prevent unauthorised parties to access your information or cause its destruction, will be entitled to request proof of identity.

Please take into account that the use of some of these rights may limit or prevent the provision of the services you or your company have requested from

How can you lodge a complain?
You have the right to lodge a complain with the competent Control Authority, that in Spain is the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

Do we use the information to make automated decisions?
The information you provided or will provide in the future to will not be object to treatment for the making of automated decisions, such as the creation of profiles.

Anything else?

In some websites or services we use systems to complement ours, e. g. payment systems like PayPal. If the user uses PayPal to pay any of our services, he or she establishes a relationship with PayPal and will have to refer to their privacy policies. The same happens with other services with which the user establishes a relationship when using them; each of them has its own policies which will have to be reviewed by the user.

Corporate Ethics is committed to a strong ethics in our daily work. The first object of such philosophy is, of course, the customer: A beneficial relationship both for our customers and for us can only be attained when the core of such relationship is trust. This makes us work beside our customers with honesty and responsibility.

Once we stablish a relationship with them, we are conscious that we must be a technological support in an ever-changing world in which they sometimes do not feel confident.

We only work in our field of expertise, and only provide what we know. does not seek a great amount of customers, great expansion and a diversification of the services included in our portfolio. We have expertise in certain fields we excel at, and we can offer a satisfactory service over concrete subjects to a certain group of customers. From this point of view, does not intend to have many customers but a reduced number of them, loyal and satisfied with whom to keep long-term relationships. is committed to open technologies, not with proprietary environments. This means that we are not related with particular vendors or brands, and that our point of view is that of our customers, not other spurious interests to represent.

Our business-oriented mindset makes us conscious of the fact that technological solutions are rarely adequate if they do not have a positive repercussion on our customers' business. Our proposals always take into account the cost of the solution for the customer and the benefits that it provides. Technology is not an end on itself but a way to improve business conditions for our clients.

Our customers fully trust on the confidentiality of their data. Information about their company or about themselves is sacred for us. We do not sell, share or transfer any kind of information, not personal, nor business-related, nor industrial. We actively fight spam and encourage our customers to do the same. We protect their company's confidential information so that no-one else can use it for their own benefit.

Social Responsibility wants to make a better world. Thus we try to contribute to the improvement of the telecommunications industry, which will in turn improve the overall quality of service.

A portion of our income goes to non-lucrative organisations that work to offer services free from the servitudes of maximal profit and monopolistic practices (open-source software, free operative systems, etc.).

We also fight spam and viruses which, besides being a risk for Internet users, bring noise into the communication process and restricts its performance. We denounce and encourage our customers to denounce all received spam, and cooperate with organisations with this mission.

Besides, we take part in the prosecution of Internet fraud, cooperating with the authorities whenever necessary.

The organisations with which cooperates, through donations or other resources, are:

  • Free Software Foundation
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Linux
  • The FreeBSD Project
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • HumHub
  • Wikipedia

Environment is an environmental-friendly company and is committed to environmental responsibility. For that reason we use low-impact technologies, low power consumption and recycled materials, and we make a point in publicising our environmental policies.

We recycle all our residues: packaging, toner cartridges, plastics and paper, non-chargeable batteries… every element is put in its corresponding container for recycling.

We follow a limited consumption philosophy in all aspects of our everyday operations, using low-consumption and LED bulbs, limiting the water consumption, seeking alternatives to paper, etc.

We also help our customers to reduce paper use. A website is a good way of keeping contact with customers, partners and employees without having to issue paper brochures, newsletters or letters. Emailings may be used instead, with links to the appropriate web content.

We use bleach-free recycled paper in all the documents we issue, if an electronic format is not possible. This way we reduce tree-cutting and water and power consumption associated to the production of new paper.

We use rechargeable batteries for our electronic devices.

We encourage telecommuting among our employees. If they can work from home, they will not need to use transportation to our premises, this way reducing air pollution.

We do not host web services incompatible with animal welfare and environmental protection. To this end, we have created an strict company policy regarding websites encouraging animal torture, tree-cutting, air pollution, etc.

As you may see, we do not only offer a service and bill for it; we also take into account the social responsibility any company should honour in the 21st century. SL | VAT ID: ESB82698275
Vía Dos Castillas 33. Ática 4 B-A. 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). Spain
Tel: +34 911 413 259 (9 am to 5 pm CET, Mon to Fri) | Fax: +34 911 410 179 | [email protected]