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Is your WordPress instance experiencing technical difficulties?
Is it not properly updated? Is it not secured?
We can help you with any and each of those issues.

Our service

  • You can hire us as WordPress experts for one or more of your servers/services, for an ocasional intervention or a regular job.
  • Your WordPress instance may be hosted anywere.
  • We work only for companies or organizations legally registered at any of the European Union countries, plus Norway and Switzerland.
  • Our working languages are English and Spanish. Besides, we also understand Portuguese, Italian and French.
  • We work remotely.

How it works

  • First, we assess the job at hand by asking you to answer some questions, plus checking with you any details we may find necessary to fully understand the requirements of the job.
  • We send you a quote and terms for the job.
  • If you accept our quote, we will ask you to pay 50% of the job upfront.
  • We do the job, and send you a report telling the starting status of the system, the tasks we have performed and the final status.
  • We will ask you to pay the remaining 50% of the bill.

Who we are

We are a Spanish Internet agency with broad experience in the field of Linux system administration. We have under our belt three decades of every kind of Linux systems deployment, configuration, hardening and maintenance.

Our company ( SL) is a European Union-registered intracommunitary operator.

We favor long-term relationships with our customers. Many of them have been our customers for many years, even decades. And we take pride on it.

Frequently asked questions

Are you a company or a freelance?

We are a Spanish company, legally registered in the European Union as a intracommunitary operator, serving other companies and professionals since year 2000.

Do you charge VAT?

According to European Union law, VAT is not to be charged between companies of different member states, so if you hire us, let's say, from Austria, we won't add any VAT to the invoice but, if you hire us from Spain, since we are a Spanish company, we will charge you the current VAT rate according to Spanish tax law.

Do you have experience in X, Y or Z technology?

We have experience in a wide range of technologies, but we only offer system administration services in those in which we know we are highly competent. Anyway, if you are in doubt, please fill the quote form and we will tell you if we can be of help in your project.

Why don't you work with companies outside the European Union? Why do you work with Norway and Switzerland?

Our experience tells us that the EU operates as an inner market and doing business inside the EU is easier and, at the same time, EU market is big enough for us, so it is a no brainer. Besides, Norway and Switzerland have both accords with the EU which makes them, in business practice, work as member states.

Why should I trust you as system administrators?

We have been installing, deploying, optimizing, hardening and maintaining a variety of Linux systems for more than 20 years for companies like Indra, Telefónica, Motorola Solutions or Konica Minolta.

Do you require to have administrative access to my server?

It depends on the job. We probably may need to have administrative access to your system, but we work on a need-to-know basis, because we don't want to have access to any credentials we don't have to. If it turns out that we must have those credentials, we will ask you to invalidate them just after our job is finished.

As a rule of thumb, if we don't need access to your system, we don't want to have it.

Do you work urgent jobs? Do you charge extra?

We do work urgent jobs, but it doesn't mean that we will be available 7×24 and will be working on your server right away. We assess the job first, make you an offer and, only after we have agreed the price and terms, we will begin to work on your server. If we consider that the project is urgent, so that we need to set aside other jobs to prioritize yours, then the urgency will reflect on the quote, yes.

What payment methods do you accept? Do you accept payment in cryptocurrencies?

We accept SEPA bank transfer and Paypal. We do not accept cryptocurrencies at the moment, sorry.

Quote form

We need to know details about your project and current status so that we can appraise the situation correctly. We know that filling forms is not everybody's favorite pastime, but please consider that having the right information in advance does saves time in the long run.

This form will ask you some contact details and some technical details about the characteristics of your system and different situations which may require a sysadmin intervention. Thank you for taking the time of filling the form as accurately as possible.

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Please notice we serve only companies or organizations registered in countries belonging to the European Union, plus Switzerland and Norway.

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